Original Villains Monopoly


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This game is fashioned almost perfectly after Chan’s Monopoly! With the chance to win a TON of prizes!
Each player chooses 10 envelopes and 1 character envelope to begin. They get the chance to win a free bonus oyster by GUESSING what their villain player piece will be….If they are correct, they win the bonus.
Each envelope comes with a prize in it to add to your prize combo, plus deeds, chance cards, chests, railroads, and utilities (all in villain style of course!) Each card will earn you points and if you get a monopoly, you doube the prizes for those cards. At the end of the game, the person with the most points will win the board! This is a collectors board and is worth a good amount of money!!!
Each player will get a bonus round: 1 Turn around the board to collect extra goodies. If you land on a property you own, you get another set of points for that. If you have a monopoly and you land on one of those properties, you get DOUBLE points for that. IF you land on community chest or chance (Cauldron or mirror mirror) you get another 150 in points. You CAN lose points if you land on 2 spots on the board. There will also be 4 bonuses placed on the board in various areas. If you land on them, collect the bonus! If you land on Free Parking, get $50 in WUAT cash. If you land directly on GO at the end, get $25 in WUAT cash. IF you go to jail, you get three chances to roll a double to get out (at which time you will continue your turn FROM jail.) if you do not, your turn is over. You may also use a get out of jail free card if you have one.


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