The Very Merry Unbirthday!


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This is a Mega Ultimate special!
Start by choosing a straw. Each straw has 1 prize attached and has a number which corresponds to a box. Inside the box, is a birthday present ( merchandise) AND a combo with it. Draw 2 Cards. If tweedle dee or tweedle dum show up they will STEAL your present and you must try and save it. Roll 5 dice and if you get doubles, not only do you KEEP your prize, but you DOUBLE your combo as well!!!! IF you lose, Pick a new straw and box and automatically keep that set.
No Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum??? Keep your straw, present, AND you receive a bonus depending on which friend shows up to the party.
Absylum: A free oyster
Alice: A Mini Spin
Cheshire: A Free Set
Queen Of Hearts: A Free Cage
White Rabbit: A free Bin
THEN….Make sure to grab your cake!!! Choose your piece of cake, which comes with a prize, as well as the toppings to go on it. Each topping has a prize as well! This is a build your combo game!!!
At the very end of the birthday party, Draw from the Bucket of favors and see if you double your whole combo!


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